Marketing An Apartment for Rent

Marketing An Apartment for Rent

There are some investment properties in and around our hometown. These properties have was able to give me some nice additional income that I definitely put to good use.
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A month ago, a tenant, with the apartments gave me her thirty time notice. I immediately placed a flat for rent sign in the windows of the house. I also placed a similar ad in the local newspaper.

Within a few hrs, I had received a dozen phone calls through people who had seen the house for rent ad I displayed. I began to keep a list of their particular names and phone numbers saying that I would get back to them. I didn’t wish to show the apartment until the weekend, which was still several days away. Two days after announcing that I had an apartment for rent, I had more than sixty phone calls. I was getting very annoyed and was seriously thinking of asking more for rent. We now had fifteen people arranged to examine the apartment. The sound from the phone ringing was now irritating me.

I was also amazed that some people had the nerve to call at the most inconvenient hours. There was clearly no way I’m talking to someone regarding an apartment for rent at midnight. I actually didn’t even bother to take that insensitive person’s information, I just put up up angrily. I contacted the newspaper the next day and requested them to remove the apartment for rent advertisement. I was in no condition to cope with another fifty phone calls. Sure enough though, when I arrived home, my answering machine informed me that I had eighteen new calls. I could not believe that the apartment for rent was a lot in demand. I called the current renter and asked her to remove the sign from the apartment’s window.

That weekend, I started to display the particular apartment and I was struck in the quality, or lack of, that people demonstrated. Some of them were unable to provide any recommendations. My favorite was the young girl which didn’t have any references or job, and said that her wedded boyfriend was finding her a brand new apartment so she could be nearer to him. I couldn’t stop me personally from wondering if her married boyfriend was someone I knew. By the end of the weekend I made the decision that the apartment for rent sign would not be displayed again, as I have found a few desirable tenants. The next time though, I’ll make sure that I request more rent.

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