The Travel Guide to Marseille

The Travel Guide to Marseille


Marseille is the second largest as well as the most ancient city in France. Founded by the Greeks in 600 BC, it was later conquered from the Romans and became an important slot for trade. The city is liberally sprinkled with ancient sites that will attract a fair share of visitor interest. The main attraction is the colourful old harbour. Unlike other cities in France, Marseille is very down to earth, and has plenty of attractions plus pedestrian-friendly squares that are worth discovering. The city is divided into arrondissements and is easy to go around in a metro.

Attractions in Marseille

The most popular attraction of the city is the imposing Chateau d’If, which was the setting for the famous novel by Alexander Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo. You can take a ferry from your coast to reach the island. The particular prison is well-preserved and creates much curiosity amongst the visitors.

Whilst in Marseille, you can also see the Basilique de Notre Dame de la Garde, a magnificent cathedral that offers beautiful sights of the city. Both the fa├žade plus interiors are richly decorated.

You may also spend some time at the Parc Borely, an attractive open area with a botanical backyard and a lake where you can enjoy boating.

Also worth a visit is the lavish Palais Longchamp. This magnificent structure today houses the Musee kklk Beaux Arts and the Natural History Museum. The extensive grounds uses an enormous fountain amongst many other attractions.

Marseille is also home to some wonderful beaches including the Plage des Catalans which is conveniently located near the town centre.

Just south of Marseille you will come across the famous Massif des Calanques, or the deep limestone fjords with a dramatic coastline which draws in divers, hikers and climbers.

For the rewarding stroll, head to the corniche, or promenade that winds its way past several inlets and beaches.

Marseille also forms the bottom for excursions to nearby islands and picturesque resort towns. You are able to opt for an excursion to the resort town of Cassis which is encompassed by white cliffs.

The Old Interface area is a popular hangout place.
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It is filled with restaurants, bars and stores. A daily fish market is also kept at Belgian Quay. Besides, the city is also home to several museums plus galleries, and the famed Art Deco opera house, situated in the heart of the city. It was all but destroyed in a fire in 1920 but it still hosts performances.

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